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Frustrating Aspects of Java EE

When using Java EE to create web applications, Java EE can be a powerful but difficult to use platform. I list in this post some of the more frustrating things I have encountered recently while using Java EE. These frustrations aside, I found creating applications with Java EE to be efficient and without major pains especially for large projects where the initial overhead of the complex platform stops becoming a hindrance and starts simplifying difficult problems.

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Solr Tutorial

I recently had the need to search a large amount of online auction data. I had access to the data associated with a large number of online auctions, similar to auctions on eBay. I needed to quickly find auctions whose title and description match a given set of search terms. My solution was to use Solr, an open source search application/platform.  This post describes the steps I carried out to set-up Solr, and the difficulties encountered along the way. The post covers Solr 4.8.

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Bluetooth Programming with Python 3

This post presents basic techniques for communicating over Bluetooth with Python 3.3 and above (using Python sockets). Some simple examples of communicating over Bluetooth with sockets will be shown. PyBluez examples will also be presented for comparison.

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How to Create Dynamic Menus in JSF

This post presents an effective way to create a dynamic menu in JSF. Code for the menu can be accessed from its Google Code Project.

The menu, with some basic CSS styling is shown below. The menu uses plain JSF (without needing Primefaces). Some extra CSS can be used to make it look pretty.

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