App Which Helps You Choose a Movie to Watch When You Have Too Many


When I want to watch a movie, I have far too many to choose from on my computer and home network. It takes me a long time to sift through them all to find a really good one. The process is:

  1. Open movie folder.
  2. Pick a random letter A-Z to narrow down the selection. Only movies beginning with this letter will be investigated.
  3. For each movie, copy its name and find its rating in IMDB.
  4. If its rating is above 8, its worth watching (-1 for movies with time-shifting, as they seem to always be over-rated on IMDB).
  5. After a while, if there are more than one movie with a > 8 rating, choose the highest, or the one in a genre that I am particularly eager for.

This usually takes around 15 minutes. If there are many people watching the movie with me, the process is considerably slower, as everyone has different tastes and has seen different subsets of the movie universe.

To solve this problem I made an application which helps automates this process.

Movie rating robot

The application retrieves the Rotten Tomato rating for every movie in a chosen folder on your computer or network. All movies are then ordered by rating, helping you pick out the best.

Here is a demo (best viewed in HD):


The program can be downloaded from Google Code project page.

To run, just double click the downloaded file. It works on windows and linux and requires Java 7.

You can access the code on the project page too.